No.49 2022-2023 Graduation Ceremony




Congratulations to all the graduates on your graduation.

I have seen you since you were in the 1st grade of elementary school. Everyone was so small and cute, and from that time, you spent 12 years at GKA, and today, you have grown so well and are celebrating your graduation in this ceremony. I’m so happy and proud that I feel like I’m going to cry, just like for my own child.

12 years. How was it? Was it fun? exciting? Was it hard? I think that you all had numerous memories. We, the parents, had a big hope with a little worryness, but we believed GKA and let you enroll. When you were happy, we also were happy. When you were worried, we were also fighting with the worries. For 12 years, every single day, we watched you going to the school, and waved our hands until you got out of our sight. The fact that every one of you exists, and your growth. These were the most pleasurable and enjoyable things for the parents. We want to say Thank you for your presence. Everything for us, it’s you. Please remember.

Now, what do you see in front of you? In front of me, I can see everyone trying to paddle out into a bigger ocean than ever before. Your faces are bright and shining. Your heart is full of confidence. You might be worried about starting your new world. But you will be fine. You have the spirit of GKA and you have the experiences at GKA. What you have learnt in 12 years, knowledge; learning skills; mind of inquiring; courage; and open-mind. You have all of these. So you should try many new things with confidence, and I hope that you will enjoy your life from the true heart, which you have chosen to go.

“Only education can change the world.” I truly believe it from the heart. Every one of you is a pride and a hope of GKA, the all parents, and the all teachers, who have taught you. To make a better world, I hope that you will be a person who influences to others, and contributes to the world.

Finally, 12th graders, please continue on learning forever, good bye, take care, and GOOD LUCK!!

2022SHIP President Jun Takahashi